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Hey guys!

Welcome to Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

Places I Like to Read

I’m sure as readers we all have preferred places to read our lovely books. But do many of you have as many as I do? As a reader I do have a hard time focusing on my book if I’m in a loud space or area, so most of the places I chose are quiet and sometimes personal. I would love to know what are some of your favorite places to read are!

The Rocking Chair

So in my living I have a rocking chair across from the TV and directly in front of the big window. So it’s primary purpose is the beautiful lighting I get during the day. It also serves as a nice place to just rock back and forth while I read. It calms me and puts me in more of zone to focus on my book!

Cheezburger animals panda chair sitting GIF


My Bed

So I love and hate reading in my bed equally. It is by far the comfiest place to read in the house, because duh, it’s my bed. But it is also the place where I find the most distraction. There are a lot of things in my room that seem to make my mind wander while I read. Also because it is so comfy, it lulls my brain into thinking it’s time to sleep. Therefore I can’t get past a few chapters before wanting to nap. But I love it none the less!

 bed kirsten dunst marie antoinette in bed lounging GIF


The Park

I love being outdoors in the spring and summer months. On weekends or days off I will grab a blanket, a small pillow, some refreshments and head to the park. There I will look for the tree with the most optimal shade coverage and set up shop! There is nothing like feeling a cool breeze and being surrounded by green space and nature itself!

The Train

I take the Toronto Transit everyday to work. This includes a bus ride and then a very long train ride. I find I can get the most reading done on the train to work (with my music on to block out people’s conversations). The smooth ride of the train puts my brain in focus and I can easily read 40-50 pages both there and back!

Cheezburger anime funny singing panda GIF


These are just a few of my favorite spots to read and where I get the most reading done. Where are some of your favorite spots? Are any of them like mine?

Until next time,




Cliffhangers: Yay or Nay? | Discussions at Dawn

Discussion at Dawn

Hey guys!

Welcome to Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

Cliffhangers: Yay or Nay?

As readers we all know about those dreaded or not so dreaded cliffhangers that befall us at the end of books. Majority of the time it will happen at the end of a book from a series, but the agony of having to wait for the next book in the series is dreadful. On one hand I love cliffhangers but on the other hand I hate them so much! So let’s discuss them:

YAY: Builds Excitement

You’ve reached the final chapter of your highly anticipated read of the week and you’re expecting an explosive ending, but what you get is even better. You get the most exciting cliffhanger you have ever read. You slam the book and immediately fly to twitter to talk about it (no spoilers of course).

That’s pretty much me every time I read an exciting cliffhanger. I just have to tell everyone and anyone to jump on board and bask in the awesomeness. I am now more pumped about the sequel then I should be considering I usually have a year to wait for it. But that’s OK… I’ll just keep re-reading that ending!

excited gif


NAY: Hits the Feels

But OMG. My love of all characters is in a particularly horrible situation. Why author, why?? You throw the book across the room in frustration and sadness. That cannot be how this book ends. What happens next? I need to know!!

Yes, cliffhangers are awesome most of the time. But when you get a cliffhanger like this one, it really makes me dislike them. I’d rather have an exciting cliffhanger, then a cliffhanger that hits my feels!

hits-the-feels gif


YAY: Adds Depth and Interest

I cannot believe that just happened! This opens up so many doors for the story to go in. I must go theorize what I think will happen next. Let me go write some fan-fiction to fill this void of waiting.

A cliffhanger that adds more depth, intrigue and hype up my interest in reading a sequel is a good cliffhanger. Those are the ones that I enjoy the most.

interest gif

NAY: Very Little Patience

No, no, no, no, no! Do not end this way. No! It is not fair for you to make me wait for a year. You are dampening my enjoyment of the series. I cannot believe this!

I’ve been told have a good amount of patience inside me… but not when it comes to reading. I don’t want to wait a whole year to read a sequel. It stresses me out not being able to know what happens next in a book. Oh the agony!

no-patience gif


So all in all, I really do enjoy cliffhangers. Honestly. Some may be frustrating, but I have thick skin and short memory, so I get over it quickly. A good cliffhanger will stick with you though. Those are the ones that excite me the most. What are your opinions on cliffhangers? Let me know down below!

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Bookish Pet Peeves | Discussions at Dawn

Discussion at Dawn

Hey guys!

Welcome to Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

My Bookish Pet Peeves

If you are as addicted to reading as I am, then there is probably a few things that people do while you read, or while they read that bothers you. I am about to list 4 major ones, but just know that I have more. These are the ones that bother me the most and the ones that I endure on a daily basis. Let me know if we share any of the same pet peeves!

Doggy Earing the Pages

This is mostly to those that don’t cherish the pristine condition of the books they own or read. I see it all the time on my commutes into work on the train. Why people??? There is this little invention called a book mark! You can get them pretty much anywhere you bought your book. Heck, use a piece of paper, or bus transfer for fracking sake. Just stop doggy earing the damn books!

P.S. If you do this to your books, then so be it. You do you girl. Just know it makes my skin crawl. HAHA

P.P.S If I find out you’re a doggy earer, then best believe you should never ask to borrow a book from me. K bye.

dont-do-that gif



The Need to Talk to Me

So I go on my break at work, pop in my earbuds, turn on my music, open my book, and start eating/reading. Where does it say “Time to Talk to Jesse”?? No freaking where. So why is it that every time I try to do this every co-worker feels the need to talk to me? I will never understand this. Leave me be. I clearly do not want to talk.

This scenario also counts for train commutes, coffee shops, at home, on an airplane etc. If you see me listening to my music and reading a book, just walk away… or at least send me a text message and I will glad get back to you later.

how-dare-you gif


Bent Corners

You’re getting ready for the day and grab your current read and pop it into your bag. When you finally get on the train that takes you to work and you take the book out of your bag and down in the bottom right corner, you now have a bent page. My heart breaks every time this happens to one of my babies.

Thankfully I solved this problem when I got a Book Beau and a Book Biff. Honestly guys, these have been life savers for me when it comes to no more bent corners. Go check out the links!

whyyyyy gif


Reading Hardcovers

As much as I love Hardcovers and they are the majority of the books I own, I hate reading them. I find them awkward to hold, tilt, lay down, and are just so damn heavy to lug around. Like seriously, the GIF below is me every time I try to read a hardcover. I’m in the white shirt and the book is the pink pants.

Am I the only one that finds it awkward to read a hardcover? I will never stop buying them though. They make my shelves look stunning!

too-heavy gif


What are some of your Bookish Pet Peeves? These are only a select few of the ones that bother me the most, but I have more. Do you share a bookish pet peeve with me? Let me know down below!

Until next time,



Why I Quit NetGalley & Edelweiss | Discussions at Dawn

Discussion at Dawn

Hey guys!

Welcome to Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

Why I Quit NetGalley and Edelweiss

If you are a seasoned book reviewer/blogger than you might already know what NetGalley and Edelweiss are, but if you’re new I will give you a quick run down. Publishers use NetGalley and Edelweiss to put forth e-ARC’s on these sites so that we, as book bloggers, booktubers, reviewers etc., can request to read them for review. Now doesn’t that just sound amazing? Well, it is, don’t get me wrong. BUT it is not without it’s downfalls.

Zero Self Control

So I use more NetGalley then I do Edelweiss, and on NetGalley you get to look through pages and pages of books that available for review. By doing so you end up requesting 20 or so books you think look interesting or that you might enjoy reading. Then you sit there and wait. You get a approved for one. YAY! Then you you get approved for another one. Awesome! Then another, and another until you are almost approved for all the books that you requested. And guess what? They are all due around the same time. Your brain goes into overload and you kick yourself for having no self control.



Too Many Books

So you just got approved for the majority of the books you requested. Six are due for this month, four the next, and another six the month after that. How can you possible get to all these books in such a short period of time and still work eight + hours, cook, clean, watch your TV shows, have a social life, spend time with family, and read the other hundred books sitting on your book shelves? That’s right, you can’t.



High Stress Levels

When I first got approved for many books at a time I just could not keep up. My stress levels sky rocketed and my happiness and energy just felt drained. I just kept procrastinating and procrastinating until I had not time left to read all these books. Who knew reading could effect your health?



Book Slumps

I got into one of my biggest book slumps I have ever had in 2015 thanks to NetGalley and Edelweiss. It was a good 3-4 months before I could start reading again. Those sites just turned me off from reading and mentally and physically exhausted me. It took a lot for me to pick up another book which is completely out of character for me. Just be careful!



Now I’m not saying NetGalley and Edelweiss are not great tools for getting ARCs for your blog, just don’t do what I did! Request 1 or 2 books at a time, space out publication months, make sure you get time to live your life and read other books you own, and try and keep stress at a minimum!

Until next time,



It’s OK to DNF a Book | Discussions at Dawn


It's OK to DNFHey guys!

Welcome to the first Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

It’s OK to DNF

There is a huge taboo against DNF’ing a book. Some book bloggers and readers are for it, and some are against it. As you can tell from the title I am the former. It’s OK guys, it really is. When I first started blogging I thought of DNF’ing a book as a negative habit. I would sit there and force my self through a book I just wasn’t into anymore. This would result in me being in a sour mood and negatively effecting my review. It wasn’t until months later when I was reading a fantasy book I received from the publisher for review that I decided it was time for my first DNF. I could not get through this book for the life of me. It was the best feeling ever. Here is why:

Saves You Time

The reason I say it saves you time is because your time as a reader/blogger is very valuable. So why waste it on a book that you are absolutely not loving. Move on, there are other amazing books you can spend your precious reading time indulging in. I know this is the case for me. I work a full time job, which means 40+ hours a week I am grueling away. That doesn’t leave very much time to spend reading. So I treat my reading time with care. I don’t waste it forcing myself through a book.

Save Time

Better Moods & Less Stress

Back when I didn’t DNF a book because I thought that was a negative habit, I would be in very sour moods. I would dread picking up the book I wasn’t loving and giving me unnecessary stress. I was giving myself frown wrinkles and that is not a pretty sight. But now that I do DNF books that I’m just not into, I go into better books with a brighter mood. I don’t remember when I last stressed about reading a book. No more frown wrinkles or furrowed brows. Only smiles of enjoyment!



Prevents Reading Slumps

I used to get into the biggest reading slumps ever. Last year after forcing myself through a dreadful book, I unknowingly was putting myself into a two month reading slump. I just could not pick up another book after forcing myself through a book I should have DNF’d after 30%. Now that I am OK with DNF’ing a book I haven’t had a reading slump all year. It’s a system that works for me, so hopefully it works for you as well!

Reading Slump

Don’t Feel Bad

I get it. As bloggers we get a lot of books to read for review purposes. We feel obligated to read them all, even the ones we are not enjoying. But put it this way. I would rather DNF a book, give my reasons and NOT provide a bad star review then end up giving the book a 1 or 2 star because I absolutely hated the reading experience. Don’t feel bad about DNF’ing. I’m sure an author would rather you DNF their book rather then giving them a horrible review for others to read.

Feel Bad

Again I want to stress that it is OK to DNF a book. It is not bad karma and you mind and body will thank you for it. No one wants to force themselves to do anything. Maybe start off small and put the book down for a while and pick it back up. Whatever works for you!

Until next time,

Sig New


Tips for Time Management | Discussions @ Dawn

Tips for Time Management

Hey guys!

Welcome to the first Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

Tips for Time Management

I will be the first to tell you that I suck at time management. But I feel if I make this list that it will not only help you, but it will also help me out. In this day and age there are so many distractions. Internet, videos, music, games, tv shows, movies. The list is endless. How are we supposed to get anything done like finish the last hundred pages of your current read, or write up that review that’s been on the back burner for a while. Well these are what help me, when I have the will power to do them, so I hope they help you as well!

Be Well Rested

Nothing is more important then getting enough sleep at night and feeling energized and ready to work. I know when it comes down to start reading or working on my blog and I haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before, all I can think about is taking a nap. And guess what? Naps win all the time.

So if you get an appropriate amount of sleep, wake up and get an early start to your day, then I can guarantee that you will achieve a lot and better manage your time.



Do you see that screen you’re staring at right now? That screen is most likely keeping you from doing other important tasks. I know it’s blasphemous to say this day and age, but it’s not the end of the world if you just unplug for a couple hours. That means turning off your wifi, setting your phone and other gadgets on airplane mode and just unplug from the digital world all together.

I have done this numerous times and have been able to knock things off my never ending to-do list. Trust me, the digital world is not going to miss you. News flash the world functioned before technology, so can you.


Importance is Key

Make a to-do list of tasks you need to complete. Mine usually include what posts I need to write up, edit, and schedule for the upcoming week, along side my reading goals. Now here is the kicker. Complete the most important tasks first. Even if they are the biggest on the list. Once you knock those off the list everything else will be a walk in the park. (You should also include that in your to-do lists as well, or any other form of exercise you lazy bums).

Importance is key, so make sure you make them your highest priority and you will find that your time will be better managed.

That is Genius.gif

Clean Environment

What I mean by a clean environment, not only means a neat and tidy place, but also a work space with limited distractions. Let’s face it, we can all be a little messy once and a while (or all the time in my case), but with a clean and distraction free work environment, you will find yourself accomplishing more in your day.

I work at my home’s dining room table most of the time. There is no TV around, no games, no objects to catch my attention. Just me, my computer, and the dining table. This way I won’t be tempted to flip a channel on the TV or whip out my phone or 3DS and play some games. No distractions is important.



Stay Organized


I can’t stress how organizing yourself is dire. I not only have an agenda, but also two notebooks, and a pretty awesome pencil case. When you write things down you are less likely to forget to do something. In my agenda I write down all the posts I need to write on their respective days. In one of my notebooks I keep lists of tags, Top 10 Tuesdays and other listy things that are book related. In my other notebook I keep track of the books I read, and my ARC’s/reviews.

If I didn’t keep track and write all these things down, I would be forever lost and nothing would ever get done.


So do me a favor, turn off your wifi/phones, get enough rest, organize your life and tasks, and surround yourself in a neat and tidy environment. I can guarantee that you will soon be managing your time a lot better. I know these tips have helped me thus far (even though I have weaknesses to TV and social media). I know they can help you guys too if you find yourself in need of better time management.

Until next time,

Sig New


Benefits of Re-Reading | Discussions at Dawn [#4]


Hey guys!

Welcome to the first Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

Benefits to Re-Reading

I am a big advocate for re-reading. Whether it’s re-reading your favorite books or even certain parts of books just to remind you of what happened. There are many benefits to re-reading, and I hope by reading my list you will be more open to re-reading some of your books!

Re-Igniting old Sparks

As most of you know, my favorite series is Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. Over the last 4 years, a new book in that series has released in that series. Last year before the 4th book was released, I re-read books 1-3. Let me tell you how refreshing it was to fall deeper in love with this series.

Re-reading the first 3 books re-ignited the sparks I had when I read it the first time. It reminded me of all the reasons I feel in love with it in the first time.

New Information

Re-reading a book, especially if it’s part of a trilogy or series is very important for this very reason. Going back and re-reading a book you can sometimes pick up new information you might have missed the first time around. I know that is the case for me. I tend to only remember the big picture events of a book, but going back in I pick up on the little things that might have slipped through the cracks of my brain.

Sometimes this may positively or negatively effect my outlook on the story. “How could I have missed this? This is awesome!” “If I clued in on this the first time, I might not have rated it so high!” etc.


I’m the type of reader that likes to have music playing in the background of my mind when reading. So when I went back and re-read Falling Kingdoms last year my cognitive senses started playing those songs back to me. Not only did it put a smile on my face but it also brought back many fond memories!

For some people it might remind them of emotions they felt when reading it the first time. For others it could be places and events that occurred during the first reading experience. For example, remembering that you were on a plane ride going to a fun destination, or remembering how hard you cried after a particular scene.

No Pressure

As book bloggers I know most of us have a tight schedule. Whether it be with life, work, or ARCs to be read and reviewed. So a lot of people use not having enough time to re-read their favorites as an excuse.

Well guess what? Re-reading means there is no pressure. You’ve already read and reviewed this one, so there is no time constraint on how fast you need to read it through. You can take a week, or a month to re-read the book. That’s the best part!

Enhances the Reading Experience 

The story, the characters, and the world all come to life again. We get to see them in a different light. We are now at a different point in our lives then we were the first time we read the book. Our perspectives have changed, we’ve grown as readers. We get to compare the way we felt after reading the book the first time to how we feel after reading it for the second, third, or tenth time!

We are enhancing our reading experience. By re-reading, you are constantly gaining new knowledge to apply to your life. The benefits definitely outweigh the cons!

Do you re-read your favorite books? As a blogger do you see the importance of re-reading? Let’s have a discussion!

Until next time,

Sig New