Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge 2017

Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a very exciting announcement. I will be participating in my very first Read Challenge for the year of 2017!

It is the Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge hosted by NovelKnight. To find out all the details head on over to their page!

What is the Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge?

Pretty much to sum it all up, it is to read as many books published in 2016 and prior to knock them off your TBR. I have close to 200 unread books sitting on my shelves that I really want to read, but keep postponing due to new releases and ARCs. So for the year of 2017 I want to have more of an equal balance!

My Goals

  • Read 40 Backlisted Books
  • Write a Review for Each One
  • Post a Monthly Update Every Month

Hogwarts House Cup Mini Challenge

Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge

I will also be participating in this mini challenge as well. As a proud Gryffindor I solemnly swear that I will read as many books as I can to help my house achieve greatness!

My Overall TBR

These are just a sampling of the books I want to read knock off my Backlist TBR. I will be posting monthly TBR’s in my update posts to keep track!


That is all for this challenge. Make sure to visit NovelKnight for all the rules and guideline and most importantly, to sign up for this challenge!

Until next time,