About Me & Contact

That's Me!Jesse is a 20 something year old college student and server. He resides in Toronto, Canada. No, we don’t live in igloos, and no, we don’t say “eh” as much as you think. When he’s not serving people delicious food, he is reading the latest YA fantasy, jamming out to the endless tunes of KPOP, and blogging at Books at Dawn.

He is currently studying Editing for literature in college. He hopes this will get his foot into the door of the publishing industry. He dreams of one day being apart of a team for a successful book!

Jesse’s favorite authors include Morgan Rhodes, Pierce Brown, Shaun David Hutchinson and Adam Silvera!

You can usually find him frequenting the internet on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads! (So go ahead and add him, he really wants you to!)

Contact me at: booksatdawn@gmail.com

Jesse Nicholas Sig (3)



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