Book Series I Won’t Be Finishing + Unpopular Opinions

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Hey Bookworms!

Over the years of book blogging I have come to realize that not only is it okay to DNF a book, but it’s also okay to DNF a series or trilogy. Forcing myself to continue on with a series when I just lack interest in the story-line, or that I can’t connect with the characters, is just not what I want to do. My time is precious, especially the time I spend reading.

So sorry, not sorry.

Throne of Glass Series

Books I Read: Throne of Glass / Crown of Midnight / Heir of Fire / Queen of Shadows / Empire of Storms

Yes, I did read quite a lot into the series and I won’t lie and say that I didn’t enjoy them. For the pure fantasy elements of the story, they were spot on! For the writing, I quite enjoyed it too. But that’s where things come to a halt for me. There are many issues I have with the series as a whole. One would be the lack of diverse characters. After 5 books, there is absolutely not a single LGBTQ+ character? Come on Maas. Hundreds of characters and not a single one?

Same thing goes for POC. There is two if I’m not mistaken. One of them dies in the second book and the other holds no real consequence to the story as a whole. And don’t get me started with every character latching on to a love interest. Like come on. Everyone needs a significant other?

The answer is no. No they don’t. What is this hugely popular series doing for the publishing industry? Absolutely nothing besides milking the money cow.

Reign the Fallen Trilogy

Reign of the Fallen

Books I Read: Reign the Fallen

Reign the Fallen just failed to grasp my attention the way I thought it was going to do. I found certain plot points quite interesting, like the continuous resurrection of the royal family, but that’s about it. The characters sadly could not save it for me. I didn’t like the MC. I found her quite flat and one dimensional I also wasn’t on board with the relationships she was cultivating.

This book and series just isn’t for me.

DC Icons Series

Books I Read: Wonder Woman: Warbringer / Batman: Nightwalker

The DC Icons series is on here strictly because the next two books in the series are based off of characters I could care less about or by authors that I’m just not interested in supporting. I will let you put two and two together.

As for the first two books in the series, I was neither blown away by or disappointed in. They served a purpose and they delivered.

The Witchlands Series


Books I Read: Truthwitch

I wanted to like this series, I really did. But sadly the first book didn’t hit it’s mark for me. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is what it is. I found the story-line to not be that exciting to be honest. I found it quite dry and flat. There was only one character I really liked and connected with, Iseult, but again, not enough to continue on with the series.

I sadly had to DNF Windwitch in the end.

Renegades Trilogy


Books I read: Renegades

Renegades was a toss up for me. I couldn’t finish the author’s first series either, so that should have been a tell tale sign that I wouldn’t like this one either, but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt considering it was a totally different story-line as her first one.

I wasn’t blown away with the story-line or the characters. Especially because the super powers these kids had weren’t that exciting. I feel like the author was trying to find some cool new powers not seen before in other media, but they were pretty lame.

She missed the mark on this one.

Shades of Magic Trilogy

Books I Read: A Darker Shade of Magic / A Gathering of Shadows

This series is probably one of the ones I am most disappointed in. I really wanted to like this series and pretty much everyone around me loves it, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get into it.

I think my biggest issue with the series was the characters. Aside from Kell and maybe the prince, all the other characters ran flat for me, especially Lyra. The other issue I had was with the plot. I was just not engaging with the the storyline and that turned me off from all the other great elements of the story.

Can I get a story about the Prince instead?

Guide Series

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

Books I Read: A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Now don’t come at me because I’m not about to trash on this book or series. I LOVED A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE. So you’re probably wondering why I won’t be continuing on with the series, and the reason is because… the next book is about a different set of characters. Now as much as I liked the Monte’s sister in Guide #1, I have no interest in reading a book solely based on her and her perspective alone.

I’m sure it’s going to be as stellar as the first and I seriously hope readers pick it up and support the author, but sadly, I won’t be one of them.

Maybe if it was another Monte and Percy adventure…

Empress of a Thousand Skies Duology

Empress of a Thousand Skies

Books I Read: Empress of a Thousand Skies

So this one was pretty disappointing when I read it last year. To be honest I don’t have too much to say about it because I pretty much forgot everything that went on. I remember it was about a lost Empress to a galactic empire, and some rogue space craft pilots?

I don’t really know. So that is why I won’t be continuing on with the duology. If a book is that forgettable only after a year since reading it, then it means I don’t have the time to waste to see how it ends.

The concept seemed cool though.

And I Darken Trilogy

And I Darken

Books I Read: And I Darken

Another big disappoint last year was the start to this trilogy. I’m so bummed that this story just couldn’t connect with me as a reader. There were a lot of moments where I was just so bored with what was going on. I went in expecting for action, but what I got was quite the opposite.

I feel like big hyped up books tend to be disappointments to me in the end. I just hope there are readers out there that enjoyed it more than I did.

The first book needs a bit of trimming.

Talon Series

Books I Read: Talon / Rogue

For this series in particular, I think I waited to long to read it, or I past a certain maturity level that I just couldn’t connect with the characters at all. I found the dialogue between pivotal characters to be quite immature and annoying and the cool dragon aspects weren’t able to hold my interest for too long.

For an author that has quite a few books under her sleeve, these ones felt kind of amateur? I don’t know how to quite word this without sounding harsh, so I will just leave it had missing the mark.

More dragons, less annoying dialogue

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

Books I Read: A Court of Thorns and Roses / A Court of Mist and Fury

Another Maas series that follows the same pattern as her first. High quality fantasy elements? Check. Engaging and writing that flows well. Check. Not a single LGBTQ+ character. Check. All white main cast of characters. Check. Couple pairings for every character. Check.

Seeing a pattern here? Yeah. So do I.

I promise you I’m not bitter, spiteful or ignorant. I’m just not here for a series that ignores the issues that it creates and fosters to young readers.

The Traitor Circle Trilogy

The Traitor's Kiss

Books I Read: The Traitor’s Kiss

Here we have another instance of a forgettable story. All I remember was that it was comped to Mulan due to the match makers apprentice story line. But to be honest I barely even remember that part.

What makes a good story is a riveting plot line with unexpected twists, turns and reveals. As well as a cast of interesting characters. Unfortunately the first book in this series didn’t have either of those things. And if it did, I don’t remember them, so they couldn’t have been that good to begin with.

I shrugged my shoulders so many times while writing this part, they’re a little sore now.

Beautiful Idols Series

Books I Read: Unrivaled / Blacklisted

Here’s an instance of where I had full intentions of finishing this series. The books are filled with so much drama in vain of celebrities, club promoters, paparazzi, a pretty decent mystery element, and some interesting characters. But looking back at it, I just don’t think I have the head space to continue reading what is pretty much a gossip magazine.

I want to say this means I’ve grown as a person, but I know it’s not true because I’m watching the Jersey Shore Reunion as we speak… so I’m not too sure why I lost interest and couldn’t really care less to waste my time reading the last book in the trilogy.

So if anyone wants to hit up my DM’s and spoil the ending for me, I highly encourage it. Thanks.

The Cruelty Trilogy

The Cruelty

Books I Read: The Cruelty

The first book in the series was pretty solid to be honest. I don’t have any real complaints about the story. So why won’t I be continuing on with it? The answer is simple. I just don’t care enough.

This one is a little hard to explain, but I remember finishing the book and getting ready to write my review when it came to my attention that this author made some dumb remarks about the young adult genre. I’m pretty bad with keeping track of authors and their very problematic public remarks. But to belittle the YA genre right after you scored a book deal… in that genre, is beyond my comprehension.

Not here for that. Bye.

The Royals Series

Paper Princess

Books I Read: Paper Princess

I feel like this one follows along the lines of The Beautiful Idols series. I think I am beyond this type of book as a reader. It holds no substance more than just pure unadulterated entertainment, and I’m not really that interested in books that hold no substance anymore.

I guess it takes a certain type of reader to enjoy them, but I’m just not that reader anymore. Not to say that people shouldn’t pick them up and read them, I just can’t sit there and waste my time anymore.

Rich white people just aren’t that exciting anymore.

Brooklyn Bruja’s Trilogy

Labyrinth Lost

Books I Read: Labyrinth Lost

This one was a huge disappoint for me as well. A lot of people that know me, know that I love anything to do with witches. So when I heard that this series was about three Latinx sisters with magical powers in vain of Charmed, I was so onboard with that.

But what I wasn’t on board with was the Alice in Wonderland type of magical world the MC and her friends travel to, to save her family. I thought it was completely cheesy and I wish it went in a total different direction than that. Also couldn’t get on board with the romance. Talk about a romance as dull as cardboard.

More witchey type elements, less corny alternate magical worlds.

Red Queen Series

Books I Read: Red Queen / Glass Sword

I guess I saved a big one for last. This series had so much more potential if it didn’t revolve around the annoying little snow flake that is Mare. I have never met a MC that I disliked as much as her. I was getting headaches from all the eye rolling I was doing while reading her inner and outer dialogue.

I was so disappointed because this was a book that read cinematically. There were a lot of elements that would have reflected so well on the big screen. And the powers! The powers were so cool, albeit, normal and used many times in other super human type books, but way cooler than a certain hero/villain type book that came out last year.

Series death by shitty MC.

What are some book series that you no longer wish to continue reading? Any ones on my list that you’re angry about?

Until next time,

Jesse Nicholas Sig




  1. This is a great post, and one I should do my own about. I have only read the first book in the Glass Throne series, but really want to read on, as well as with the Court of Thorns and Roses series. Just haven’t had time! As for And I Darken, it is one of my all-time favorite books, BUT, I can totally understand other people not enjoying it. I think it is something you want to read or not, just what you enjoy or not. I loved the Paper Princess series, but you’re right, it is just entertaining. Unlike you, however, at my age, I read most of the time just for entertainment. I am too old and too tired when I get done with work to always have to read things that are meaningful. Sometimes I just want brain candy. I just read Labyrinth Lost, and liked it, so I’ll probably read the next one. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really love this post ❤ ❤
    I was not surprised to see Sarah J. Maas books here, although I am going to finish the throne of glass series because the story-line is great, the characters are not the best but the romance in these books is really bad!

    Best decision you have taken: not finishing Red Queen, I wish I had stopped after book 2.

    I am surprised to see Shades of Magic series here as everyone seems to like it, I haven't read it so I can't decide.

    Series I won't continue include: These Rebel waves, Carry on, The shadow game, Penryn and the end of days and The dreadful tales of prosper Redding. I am good at finishing series so there are not many series here!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am 100% with you on the S. J. Maas books. I have no intention of reading them anymore. I felt like I should do just to see what the hype was all about but looking into the problematic nature of the books, and the character makeovers/pairing off every character, I decided it’s not worth it. I’m not even interested in her books anymore tbh. I won’t comment about the shades of magic, but there is still a graphic novel to come following the King in his youth. Something to possibly check out haha.


  4. I read Throne of Glass, but I honestly wasn’t that big a fan of the book. I don’t think I will be reading anymore of the series, to be honest. I’m also not finishing A Court of Thorns and Roses series or the Red Queen series either.


  5. I read the 1st and 2nd book of Throne of Glass. I really enjoyed the 1st one. The 2nd one was meh, and the 3rd books synopsis sounded terrible. I hated where the story was going and the unnecessary change in love interests over and over and over in every book. I won’t be continuing with the series either because the 3rd books synopsis made me so mad. -_-

    I also tried reading A Darker Shade of Magic but I couldn’t get into it. I know so many people love VE Schwab as a writer but her books bore me so much. I wanted to enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic. The book sounded interesting but it just wasn’t capturing my attention ):

    Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages


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