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Cover Buys- Yay or Nay-

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Cover Buys: Yay or Nay?

If I had a dollar for every time I bought a book, or ticked a book on GoodReads to be read, than I would have way more dollars to buy books. I am easily pulled in when a book has a pretty cover. I don’t know what it is, maybe I am just so vain that I have to have all the pretty things I can get my hands on. Maybe I judge a book by it’s cover…

YAY: Your Book Shelf Would Look Prettier

I not only consider myself a book connoisseur, but also a collector. So when it comes to my book shelves, I like to make sure they are filled with not only books I love and adore, but also books like look appealing. I love cool or bright colors, pretty fonts, and beautiful cover art. I can’t help it when my eyes get drawn to a pretty cover.

EYES gif

NAY: Less Disappointed with Horrible Books

More often than not, books with pretty covers just don’t follow through with great stories. I have been let down on more than one occasion when it comes to this. Maybe the publishers know that the story just wasn’t what they hoped for and over compensate with a pretty cover… wouldn’t that just be funny. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence on my part. My eyes were so blinded by the pretty cover that my brain that the story just couldn’t live up to it. Funny how that works out.

Sucks gif

YAY: Prettier Pictures for the Instagram!

I am so jealous of all the aesthetic Bookstagram accounts I follow. I wish I had half of the talent they do for taking pictures. But wouldn’t it be amazing to just photograph beautiful book covers all the time? I would not complain. So when it comes to cover buys, Instagram plays a huge part in that. I will work harder to make my Instagram feed look better!

Pretty gif

NAY: Save money?

Oh money… where have you gone? To the bookstores that sell all those pretty books I keep buying. If I stopped cover buying I would be so much richer than I am now. I cannot begin to fathom how bad of an addiction this is. Someone save me so I can save my money. Please and thank you.

And by save me, I mean buy me pretty books so I don’t have to. K bye.

Poor gif

So do you fall for the infamous cover buying scheme the publishers put out there? Please lend me some tips to put a stop to this awful addiction of mine.

Until next time,

Jesse Nicholas Sig




  1. As much as I would LOVE to buy all of the pretty books, I just can’t do it. Needing money is a problem, you know! But there will always be that ONE book with the absolutely beautiful, stunning color, that I can’t resist. And then I pray that the inside is as beautiful as the outside!

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  2. I have no tips as I am guilty of exactly the same thing. I seldom pick up something with an unappealing cover unless highly recommended by a trusted friend/blogger. But even if I do overlook the cover I am more likely to buy the ebook/audiobook version and even then it often spends ages on my device before I start reading it.

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  3. I have been known to buy a book based on it’s pretty cover before now but recently I’ve put my foot down and resisted temptation. I had one of those, you may be pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside type moments. If I’m genuinely interested in the book with the pretty cover and feel like I’d enjoy it, then I buy it. If not, then I pass. It’s the only way I can save money haha.


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