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Cliffhangers: Yay or Nay?

As readers we all know about those dreaded or not so dreaded cliffhangers that befall us at the end of books. Majority of the time it will happen at the end of a book from a series, but the agony of having to wait for the next book in the series is dreadful. On one hand I love cliffhangers but on the other hand I hate them so much! So let’s discuss them:

YAY: Builds Excitement

You’ve reached the final chapter of your highly anticipated read of the week and you’re expecting an explosive ending, but what you get is even better. You get the most exciting cliffhanger you have ever read. You slam the book and immediately fly to twitter to talk about it (no spoilers of course).

That’s pretty much me every time I read an exciting cliffhanger. I just have to tell everyone and anyone to jump on board and bask in the awesomeness. I am now more pumped about the sequel then I should be considering I usually have a year to wait for it. But that’s OK… I’ll just keep re-reading that ending!

excited gif


NAY: Hits the Feels

But OMG. My love of all characters is in a particularly horrible situation. Why author, why?? You throw the book across the room in frustration and sadness. That cannot be how this book ends. What happens next? I need to know!!

Yes, cliffhangers are awesome most of the time. But when you get a cliffhanger like this one, it really makes me dislike them. I’d rather have an exciting cliffhanger, then a cliffhanger that hits my feels!

hits-the-feels gif


YAY: Adds Depth and Interest

I cannot believe that just happened! This opens up so many doors for the story to go in. I must go theorize what I think will happen next. Let me go write some fan-fiction to fill this void of waiting.

A cliffhanger that adds more depth, intrigue and hype up my interest in reading a sequel is a good cliffhanger. Those are the ones that I enjoy the most.

interest gif

NAY: Very Little Patience

No, no, no, no, no! Do not end this way. No! It is not fair for you to make me wait for a year. You are dampening my enjoyment of the series. I cannot believe this!

I’ve been told have a good amount of patience inside me… but not when it comes to reading. I don’t want to wait a whole year to read a sequel. It stresses me out not being able to know what happens next in a book. Oh the agony!

no-patience gif


So all in all, I really do enjoy cliffhangers. Honestly. Some may be frustrating, but I have thick skin and short memory, so I get over it quickly. A good cliffhanger will stick with you though. Those are the ones that excite me the most. What are your opinions on cliffhangers? Let me know down below!

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  1. I actually love a good cliffy. They always have me shouting and slamming the book shut in shock. I love that feeling of surprise. I don’t necessarily like waiting for the next book, but it does give me something to look forward to. Kind of like those previews of the next book in a series at the end of the recently released one.
    Fun topic to chat about, by the way. 🙂


  2. I don’t mind cliffhangers. Most of time it just makes me go “oh ok, that happened. what’s next?” but when I occasionally encounter a well-placed cliffhanger in a series/book I love (aka become emotionally attached to), it’s an amazing mix of irritation (towards the cliffhanger) and anticipation (for the next book). Though the emotions usually die down after awhile (a few months maybe?) and so do my memory of the events that happened in the book. So when the next book comes along, I read it just as an obligation to complete the series…

    However, I feel that cliffhangers are quite overused. I feel that it has become more of a device to ensure readers continue to read the next book. And whenever I’m reading a “meh” book that is the first in a series, it’s what puts the nail in the coffin of my decision to read the second instalment.


  3. Because I usually read standalones, the cliffhangers I find are solved as I turn the page and continue reading ahaha But when it comes to a series, well… THAT’S DIFFERENT. I just love books that end with a mind-blowing event, but having to wait for a year to see how the story continues? It’s so hard! I have 0 patience. I sometimes can’t control myself and end up spoiling some stuff. As you can see, I have a love-hate relationship with them!


  4. I don’t mind cliffhangers, especially when the next book in the series is already out and I can just go pick it up off my shelf and keep going! The last book I read was Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor and it ends in a pretty big cliffhanger. The first 3 descriptions of cliffhangers you wrote are 100% what I was feeling at the end of that book! And I’m not keen to have to wait over a year for the next one to come out! But I did love the book, so I can easily see myself rereading it before I read the next book in the series!


  5. I don’t mind cliffhangers, I do love the feeling I get when a book ends so shockingly that i’m like GET ME THAT OTHER BOOK NOW. You just can’t beat that feeling, I am super impatient but still like you say it adds to the excitement.
    The only cliffhangers I don’t like are when they just aren’t needed? I’ve only experienced this with New Adult books so far when they try to drag the story out by throwing something else in their and your like nooo it would of been perfect back then!


  6. It differs for me, from book to book. I don’t mind a mild cliffhanger, especially when most of the story was wrapped up and the cliffhanger is just setting the stage for book two. But when a book is going strong and then abruptly ends on a cliffhanger, leaving me flailing? That does not me happy make. I have always thought that, if you write a strong enough book, you don’t have to leave things with a massive cliffhanger to get readers to come back. They will come back because your book was just that. dang. awesome!!!


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