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Driven by MB Mulhall
Published by Harmony Ink Press on March 7th 2017
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT+
Pages: 210
Format: e-ARC

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DrivenEighteen-year-old Oliver’s troubles don’t end when he’s released from prison. He has nowhere to go, and he can’t even think about moving past his crimes while trying to survive homelessness.

Helping an elderly woman after a fall guides Oliver into at least a temporary home. In exchange for odd jobs and some assistance, he’s welcomed into a life with the old twin spinsters, and it seems too good to be true. The neighbor, Simon, certainly thinks it is. He doesn’t trust Oliver or his motives. Oliver is used to that kind of judgment, but it isn’t helping him overcome his guilt. Maybe Simon is right and Oliver doesn’t deserve happiness–or any of the other feelings stirring in a heart Oliver thought he’d closed off for good.

Oliver has two options: let the pain of his past swallow him and destroy all hope for the future, or move on to the new possibilities in front of him. Choosing to live won’t be easy, and Oliver might not be able to do it alone.


3 Stars

** Received an ARC from the publisher for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion at all. Thank you!! **

First Line:

The quick-rising, breath-stealing frigid water in the drainage tunnel probably should have concerned hum, especially since he didn’t know how to swim, but Oliver felt it was karma finally coming to exact its revenge.


COVER 🌟🌟🌟🌟     PLOT 🌟🌟🌟


WRITING 🌟🌟🌟     FEELS 🌟🌟🌟

Driven by MB Mulhall is a young adult contemporary about a boy who is taken in by kind elderly ladies who want to help him out. He comes with a ton of dark secrets that creep into his everyday life. Mix that with the cute boy next door and we have a hankering for a good story.

My Likes

Multi-Level Characters

Driven houses many different types of characters. It has our troubled protagonist, Oliver, that just wants to move on with his life but his past keeps creeping behind every corner. The cute boy next door, Simon, who is still in the closet but begins to open up around Ollie. Of course we can’t forget the lovely ladies Vera and Tude, who have such big hearts to want to take Ollie in and help change his life for the better.

Mulhall does a great job making these characters jump off the page with varying levels of personality and backstory. Although the overall story can sometimes feel pretty cliche and unrealistic, the characters are what keep it grounded.

Cute Romance

I quite enjoyed the romance between Ollie and Simon. You can tell there were sparks shooting off the page every time they were in the same room. Even though they started off pretty rocky, we can see them grow closer chapter after chapter.

Mulhall was able to show off the cute charms that both boys have and it was hard not to swoon over the two. Although they don’t get much further than kisses, you can tell that this is just the beginning of a steamy relationship!

Quick Pace

Driven moves at a brisk pace. One of the highlights is how the story keeps going without being muddled by too much unnecessary back story. Everything seems to flow nicely.

Mulhall makes sure that there is never a dull moment which makes for a very quick read. If you’re looking for something fun and easy, definitely give Driven a go!

My Dislikes

Lacks Depth

Here lies the biggest issue I had with Driven. There was a huge lack of depth in a couple areas of the story. Driven’s over all plot lacks proper execution of sympathy. I never felt the emotion of sorrow for Ollie, which given all that happens to him, would seem to warrant some. I liked him as a character, but the lack of depth in the plot took away from that.

I recommend this for the contemporary lovers. Let me know what you guys thought of Driven by MB Mulhall! I would love to hear your opinions as well!

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M.B. MulhallMB Mulhall has been reading and writing since childhood; her love of stories so great it pushed her to earn a BA in Comparative Literature and Languages from Hofstra University. Wanting to share that love and inspire young writers, she also has an Elementary Education background from Georgia Court University.

Currently, her full-time job is working with developmentally disabled adults, and she gets her writing time in before or after hours.

She has dedicated much of her time not only to writing great stories but also to navigating social media and educating herself in the industry. She runs a successful blog sharing her writing challenges and advice with other authors.

Born and raised a Jersey girl, MB is often inspired by the beauty of her state and the people who visit its shores, snapping pictures and making up stories in her head to writing down at a later date. When not writing, she’s plowing through her cascading to-be-read piles, crafting, doing her nails, or watching Doctor Who.

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