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Hey guys!

Welcome to Discussions at Dawn. This is where I will talk about hot button issues, book related topics, and other things I find interesting.

My Bookish Pet Peeves

If you are as addicted to reading as I am, then there is probably a few things that people do while you read, or while they read that bothers you. I am about to list 4 major ones, but just know that I have more. These are the ones that bother me the most and the ones that I endure on a daily basis. Let me know if we share any of the same pet peeves!

Doggy Earing the Pages

This is mostly to those that don’t cherish the pristine condition of the books they own or read. I see it all the time on my commutes into work on the train. Why people??? There is this little invention called a book mark! You can get them pretty much anywhere you bought your book. Heck, use a piece of paper, or bus transfer for fracking sake. Just stop doggy earing the damn books!

P.S. If you do this to your books, then so be it. You do you girl. Just know it makes my skin crawl. HAHA

P.P.S If I find out you’re a doggy earer, then best believe you should never ask to borrow a book from me. K bye.

dont-do-that gif



The Need to Talk to Me

So I go on my break at work, pop in my earbuds, turn on my music, open my book, and start eating/reading. Where does it say “Time to Talk to Jesse”?? No freaking where. So why is it that every time I try to do this every co-worker feels the need to talk to me? I will never understand this. Leave me be. I clearly do not want to talk.

This scenario also counts for train commutes, coffee shops, at home, on an airplane etc. If you see me listening to my music and reading a book, just walk away… or at least send me a text message and I will glad get back to you later.

how-dare-you gif


Bent Corners

You’re getting ready for the day and grab your current read and pop it into your bag. When you finally get on the train that takes you to work and you take the book out of your bag and down in the bottom right corner, you now have a bent page. My heart breaks every time this happens to one of my babies.

Thankfully I solved this problem when I got a Book Beau and a Book Biff. Honestly guys, these have been life savers for me when it comes to no more bent corners. Go check out the links!

whyyyyy gif


Reading Hardcovers

As much as I love Hardcovers and they are the majority of the books I own, I hate reading them. I find them awkward to hold, tilt, lay down, and are just so damn heavy to lug around. Like seriously, the GIF below is me every time I try to read a hardcover. I’m in the white shirt and the book is the pink pants.

Am I the only one that finds it awkward to read a hardcover? I will never stop buying them though. They make my shelves look stunning!

too-heavy gif


What are some of your Bookish Pet Peeves? These are only a select few of the ones that bother me the most, but I have more. Do you share a bookish pet peeve with me? Let me know down below!

Until next time,





  1. Oh man I feel ya on the hardbacks! I never say anything tho because I thought I was alone in that thought! Lol.
    But I will admit… I am a dog ear-er, but not in the place of bookmarks. I do it to save a page where I like a line or something that I wanna go back to later. Sometimes…. I even mark the pages with pens! 😥 don’t hate me.

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  2. YES TO ALL OF THESE!!! Especially dog earring the pages, makes me cringe and shudder everytime I see it! I agree with the hardbacks as well 😂😂 taking the sleeves off, putting them back on and trying to find that comfy position to actually read the book is pretty annoying … but they are retry and so worth it

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      • I buy a lot of paperbacks, but certain series I have in hardback and if I start buying a series in hardback, I’ll buy the whole set in hardback 🙂 so I’m a mix and match – kindle is useful for travelling, but I do buy books on there – usually the ones I’m not sure about whether I want a physical copy or not. And I use it a lot for ARCs and review copies 😀


  3. Spine breaking. When a book is so tightly bound the only way to open it is to damage the spine and you end up with a line running through the title. And, of course, there is now a chance of a page coming away and being lost.

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  4. I agree with all of these. One pet peeve that also comes to mind for me is accidentally ripping pages while reading. Even when it’s only a tiny little tear it bugs the crap out of me. The truly annoying thing is that when I do it once I feel like I tend to tear at least one or two other pages the same way immediately after, like I’ve lost the ability to successfully turn pages.

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