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Hey guys!

Welcome back to another Comic Book Haul! Today I want to show you what I got this week in comics. I have always been a lover/reader/collector of all sorts of comic books and I can’t wait to show you which ones I got this week.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1A & 1B & 1C

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Hendry Prasetya
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Cover Price: $3.99

What It Is: This is Green Ranger Year One! The Green Ranger’s addition to the team has brought new instability and uncertainty to the Rangers. With remnants of Rita Repulsa’s control still stirring in the back of Tommy’s mind, he must confront the fact he may be more of a danger to his new team than a help. As Rita plays the heroes against each other, her ultimate plan begins to take form, and vengeance for the Green Ranger’s betrayal will be unleashed on Angel Grove. Also featuring a Bulk & Skull short story by Steve Orlando (Midnighter) and artist Corin Howell that puts the pair on the ultimate mission to impress Kimberly and Trini!

Batgirl #49

Batgirl #49

Writer: Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Babs Tarr, Horatio Domingues, Roger Robinson, Ming Doyle, James Harvey, Serge LaPointe
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Cover Price: $2.99

To unravel the secret of Batgirls bizarre new nemesis, her friends must travel to strange and uncharted territory: the inside of Barbara Gordons spectacular mind!

Bob’s Burgers #9A &9B

Writer: Rachel Hastings
Artist: Sara Richard
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Cover Price: $3.99

It’s time for the ninth issue of the Bob’s Burgers comic book! Feast your eyes on new mouth-watering stories from the Belchers. Louise eagerly awaits Tina’s tale in The Why-Files, Part 2; Gene rhymes up a new rhyme; and readers can sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, here on Tinagan’s Island.

Deadpool #8

Deadpool #8

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Cover Price: $3.99

Deadpool has no idea that he killed his own parents. SHHH! Don’t tell! Only problem is…he’s investigating whodunit, swearing vengeance. Don’t worry! He thinks SABRETOOTH did it! This is gonna be a fun fight.

There ya have it! My Comic Book Haul for this week. Let me know if you guys read any of these series and let’s spark a conversation!

Until next time,

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