Horror Movies I Wish Were Books | Top 10 Tuesday [14]

Top-10-Tuesday-Halloween-EditionHey guys!

Welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday weekly fun on my blog! Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. If you want to join in the fun, hop on over to their blog to see what it’s all about!

This week’s topic is Top 10 Horror Movies I wish Were Books.

Now this may seem like an unpopular topic since a lot of the bloggers here do not like the horror genre, but I LOVE it. I may not have much experience with the genre in book form, but when it comes to horror movies, I’m the first in line. I love the feeling of getting scared, watching stupid innocent people die mercilessly at the hands of serial killers, or watching people get haunted by demons and spirits. Does that make me morbid? Maybe…

Without further a do, here’s my list:

10. Final Destination

Movie Final DestinationI have no clue what this horror movie would be classified under. It’s not about serial killers or ghosts. It’s about not being able to escape death when it’s your time to go. No matter how hard the teens/adults try, death will always be coming for them. But what if there was a loop hole? What lengths would you go to save yourself?

Tell me that wouldn’t make for an exciting horror/mystery?

9. Sinister

Movie SinisterNow this one is about a demon and evil children. Any horror movie involving children is ten times more scarier. Especially if you have little nieces and nephews or siblings in your home. I don’t know what it is about kids, but they can be creepy as hell. That’s without a demon’s influence.

I think I’d need to read this book with all the lights on.

8. Black Christmas

Movie Black ChristmasThe holidays are always filled with joy and happiness that it’s hard to imagine horrible things happening then. But what happens when you have a group of sorority sisters snowed in for the holidays in a house that once belonged to a family where their son murdered and ate them for dinner? You get a creepy ass story where you’d be lucky to survive.

You’d end up on Santa’s naughty list after reading this one!

7. Sorority Row

Movie Sorority RowSticking with the sorority theme we move on to the next movie that should be a book. A group of sorority sisters play a prank gone wrong. One of them dies and they hide the body hoping they’ll never be caught. Boy were they wrong. Now they must fight to survive the night if they ever want to graduate and move on with their lives.

One dumb mistake may cost you your life.

6. Halloween

Movie HalloweenThis list wouldn’t be complete without the horror classic centered around Halloween itself. So what happens when the guy who killed his own family escapes from the insane asylum and is now stalking and killing all your friends? Well it turns out your his baby sister and he’s coming back to finish what he started and you’re his main attraction.

You better hope you can outsmart and outlive this guy!

5. The Conjuring

Movie The ConjuringIf any of you has seen this movie than you know it was the scariest movie of it’s year. I can deal with murderers and gore, but when it comes to demons and possession you better believe I’m hiding behind the pillow. This poor family moves into this home because it is all they can afford, to then be haunted and almost killed by the amount of demons, sacrifices, rituals, witchcraft that has occurred in and around this house over the last century.

I would rather live on the streets then live in that house!

4. I Know What You Did Last Summer

Movie I Know What You Did Last SummerI’m glad you know, because I honestly can’t remember. Get it? I’m so funny.

Anyway, your past always comes back to haunt you if you’re not too careful. So when a group of teens hit and kill a guy with their care by accident they decide the best route is to dump him in the ocean. But what they don’t know is he isn’t quite dead and he will be back for revenge. The one thing I would change if this was to be a book would be the characters. Too many white ones, let’s mix it up a bit!

3. Nightmare on Elm Street

Movie Nightmare on Elm StreetThere is nothing scarier then your own nightmares. But what happens if your nightmares are trying to kill you.These poor teens may never fall asleep again in fear that they won’t be able to wake up. When the neighborhood child molester is burned alive in his own home he vows to take the lives of all the children of the people that did that to him. But the only catch is, he can only reach them in their dreams.

I love my sleep… way too much. I would probably be the first to be murdered.

2. Friday the 13th

Movie Friday the 13thOh that dreaded bad luck day. That plus a murderer on the loose? Talk about some serious trouble. When a group of teens at camp let an innocent, disfigured boy drown in the lake, they didn’t know that their lives would be then stalked by a murderer out to have them pay the price for their negligence.

You better throw some salt over your shoulder to rid yourself of the bad luck… or else.

1. Scream

Movie ScreamLastly, we have my all time favorite horror movie franchise, Scream. What happens when you watch too many horror movies? You get ideas about how to play out your own. So when your friends start dying one by one, who are you going to point the finger at? Definitely not your boyfriend or his best friend. No no, that would be too easy.

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Well there you have it! The Top 10 Horror Movies I Wish Were Books. What are you thoughts? Do you like horror movies? Would you read any of these if they were books?

Until next time,

Sig New


48 thoughts on “Horror Movies I Wish Were Books | Top 10 Tuesday [14]

  1. I love this list! Scream, I know What You Did Last Summer and final destination were my fave movies, and Freddy Krueger is just the stuff of nightmares! I love Sinister and would definitely read that book if they release one. That movie gave me lots of goosebumps

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  2. I’m going to be honest, I got scared just reading all the descriptions under each title, lol. I literally had to be dragged, no, scratch that, I had to be carried kicking and crying by my cousins who were much larger than me to go to the theaters to see Black Christmas. I may or may not have hid behind one of their shoulders for 80% of the movie, because I don’t remember that premise at all. I just remember the feeling of abject horror creeping into my toes and seeping into my skin. That is all…
    Great post though, as always, I know my husband will probably try to get me to re-watch one of these this year *cringe* #bringonthenightmares

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      • Lol! I sat through the entirely of many of these movies and the thought of them makes a shiver run up my spine! 😛 I can handle disturbing though, so maybe I’ll give it another go.

        I do remember most of Sorority Row though, and thought that one was really really good, had all the right amount of thrills and intrigue for me, right up until the ending…the ending just killed it for me. I actually started to laugh. I’ve never done that before, gone from terrified to hysterical in .8 seconds.

        I also started watching Supernatural on Netflix and there is always that little thrill in the first three minutes of the show, OMG, I get scared everytime, IDK what’s wrong with me. It’s always nothing, but being startled like that makes me jump out of my skin!!! *smh*

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      • That’s what I love abut most horror movies. They mix in humor and ridiculousness in with the scares to somewhat soften the blow. But only mostly in slasher flicks. The supernatural ones are just creepy as hell.


  3. Love this list! Can I also put in a vote for the original Evil Dead trilogy? Granted that clever humor would be a little hard to pull off, but would still be a fun/scary read. Also, this year’s Crimson Peak. It’s technically a Gothic Romance, but what I wouldn’t give to have it as a book!

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  4. Babadook. That movie was guud. I should check out The Conjuring.

    Although it seems like it would be hard to have the same effect. I think it’s really hard to make someone jump (for example) while reading.

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  5. Ooo I love your take on this week’s theme, I am a HUGE horror movie junkie – by that I mean I beg to watch them and then spend the movie hiding behind my boyfriend and /or screaming. I LOVE Final Destination for all the the creative deaths hahaha. I also really like the Conjuring, especially the first movie – though I think the next two are not as strong. I also recommend The Visit by M Night Shyamalan for something a bit different!

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  6. I Know What You Did Last Summer is a book. Same title written by Lois Duncan.

    The Conjuring looks like it’s loosely based on the real paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who’s reports inspired the Amityville Horror book by Jay Anson.

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