Authors I’ve Discovered This Year | Top 5 Wednesday [14]

Top-5-WednesdayHey guys!

Welcome back to another Top 5 Wednesday! This fun weekly meme was created by Lainey over at GingerReadsLainey. If you want to join in the fun and be apart of the #T5W … you can find all the details at the GoodReads page.

This week’s topic is Top 5 Authors I’ve Discovered This Year.

I have read a lot of books this year. Some were from authors that I adore and love, while others were from brand new authors to me. Among them, some are debut authors and others are seasoned authors. So without further a do let’s find out who is on my list!

5. Leigh Bardugo

Leigh BardugoLeigh Bardugo is the author of the Grisha Trilogy: Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising, and now Six of Crows. I love the worlds she creates and the way she tells her stories. Through a ton of recommendations I finally was able to read her books and I can’t believe I waited so long!

4. Fleur Camacho

Fleur CamachoFleur Camacho is the author of The Tristen Series: The Last Seeker, and The Secret Heeder. A time traveling fantasy series with rich history and amazing characters. I am sitting here patiently waiting for the next book. In the mean time, go check out the first two!

3. Pierce Brown

Pierce BrownPierce Brown is the author of the Red Rising Trilogy: Red Rising, Golden Son, and the soon to be released conclusion, Morning Star. His sci-fi world is filled with amazing storytelling, vivid descriptions and tortured characters. One of my favorite books I have read this year!

2. Becky Albertalli

Becky AlbertalliBecky Albertalli is the debut novelist of Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. I fell head over heels with this book after reading it. I connected so with Simon more than any other character. I loved reading how he navigated his online relationship with Blue and his offline relationship with his friends and family. I can’t wait to see what Becky can dish out next!

1. Shaun David Hutchinson

Shaun David Hutchinson

Shaun David Hutchinson is the author of books such as: The Deathday Letter, FML, and my one of my favorite books The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley. I got the opportunity to read the latter this year and I loved it. I connected with the tortured characters so much so that this book had me in tears more than once throughout reading. It ended so beautifully and the comic book illustrations after every chapter were a cool addition to the overall story. His next book We Are the Ants is on my most anticipated releases for 2016!

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Wednesday this week. I love reading books from new or new to me authors and finding new favorites along the way. I plan on doing so next year and hopefully I can have a bigger list next year!

Until next time,

Sig New


21 thoughts on “Authors I’ve Discovered This Year | Top 5 Wednesday [14]

  1. Besides Leigh, I haven’t read any of the other authors you’ve spotlighted yet 😦 I’m gonna do it though! Red Rising is having a Goodreads re-read starting on the 26th and I joined the group so I can finally read this amazing book!

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  2. I’ve been kicking myself for not picking up Leigh’s books sooner. I absolutely adore Six of Crows so I need to get round to reading The Grisha Trilogy asap. I’m so glad you enjoyed Red Rising despite the emotional turmoil haha. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda so I’m going to have to check that one out soon. 😀

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  3. I am SO in love with Leigh Bardugo. I just posted my Six of Crows review. It’s long but I still don’t feel I have expressed all of what I loved about that book! Her stories are a total escape for everything. Great choice for your top five 🙂

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  4. *stares at Pierce Brown’s pic* AHEM.
    Sorry!! I obviously love Pierce Brown and his books haha. Leigh Bardugo I’ve read from before but only fell in love with this year because Six of Crows gave me life.

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    • If people read our comments, Jenna’s included, then they will definitely think we are sexualizing him for his good looks XD


      I can’t wait to get to Six of Crows. I have to read the last girsha book first and then wait for Jenna to catch up for the buddy read 😀


  5. YAY Becky! I love her and she’s so sweet to all her readers! I CANNOT wait to finally read the Grisha trilogy and Six of Crows with you guys! Everyone’s talking about Leigh Bardugo these days so I can’t wait to see what I think. Also, Pierce Brown… I’d buy his books just so that I can stare at this author photo 😀 But seriously, one day I will finally get around to reading Red Rising.

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