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Comic-Book-Haul-DotHey guys!

Welcome back to another Comic Book Haul! Today I want to show you what I got this week in comics. I have always been a lover/reader/collector of all sorts of comic books and I canโ€™t wait to show you which ones I got this week.

There have been many new and exciting releases lately that I can’t wait to show you guys! This week I bought two new issues from one of my favorites, and two brand new comics to me that I couldn’t pass up!

Bob's Burgers #4A Bob's Burgers #4B

Bob’s Burgers #4A & 4B

Writer: Rachel Hastings, Justin Hook, and Anneliese Waddington
Artist: Marcelo Benavides, Tom Riggin, and Tom Connor
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: October 7, 2015
Cover Price: $3.99

The Belchers have cooked up a batch of new stories for this fourth issue! Louise is on the case of some very peculiar pineapples; Genederella captivates Prince Leonard Destefanous at the Joyous Jam Jamboree; and Tina presents Tinablanca – a romantic, WWII edition of her Erotic Friend Fiction.

Boy-1 #3

Boy-1 #3

Writer: H.S. Tak
Artist: Amancay Nahuelpan
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: October 7, 2015
Cover Price: $3.99

In the tradition of Y: The Last Man and Blade Runner. In the near future, when the drug-addled heir of a genetic-engineering company begins to investigate his company’s murky past, he discovers he is the catalyst in a terrifying global event that will transform him and forever alter the course of human evolution.

Grumpy Cat #1A Grumpy Cat #1C Grumpy Cat #1D

Grumpy Cat #1A & 1C & 1D

Writer: Ben McCool, Ben Fisher, Royal McGraw, Elliot Serrano
Artist: Steve Uy, Ken Haeser, Michelle Nguyen
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: October 7, 2015
Cover Price: $3.99

Dynamite proudly presents The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat #1, featuring “The World’s Grumpiest Cat” and her brother, Pokey! With her ever-present pout and sassy disposition, Grumpy Cat has won the hearts of people everywhere. Grumpy Cat is the perfect combination of unbearable cuteness, instant fan appeal, and established multimedia presence. If you love the memes, the videos, and that irresistible scowl, then get ready for the wildly fun antics of Grumpy Cat and Pokey in Dynamite’s all-new, all-sensational Grumpy Cat comics! Grumpy Cat’s global following includes 7.6 million Facebook fans and over 31 million YouTube views. Since her photos first went viral in 2012, Grumpy Cat has gone from Internet star to real-life celebrity.

Paper Girls #1

Paper Girls #1

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Cliff Chiang
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: October 7, 2015
Cover Price: $2.99

SAGA writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN launches a brand-new ONGOING SERIES with superstar Wonder Woman artist CLIFF CHIANG!ย ย In the early hours after Halloween of 1988, four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls uncover the most important story of all time.

There ya have it! My Comic Book Haul for this week. Let me know if you guys read any of these series and letโ€™s spark a conversation!

Until next time,



12 thoughts on “Comic Book Haul [#15] | Books at Dawn

  1. I love your comic book haul posts! I’ve been thinking about getting into comic book reading and see how I like it. I haven’t read any comics or graphic novels before, but I want to give it a shot. And I’m so interested in these Bob’s Burger ones! I’m glad I can come to your comic book hauls and see what types there are! ๐Ÿ™‚

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